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Tips for coping and managing the financial stress and anxiety that comes with the holidays.

Financial stress grips many people in the holiday season. Gift-giving is a social norm and holiday events pile up on calendars.

Manage anxiety associated with holiday shopping with these smart tactics:

  • Committing to a budget for holiday gifts and events.

  • Adjust 2020 holiday budget accounting for reduced income due to Covid-19 restrictions or income loss.

  • Begin to make holiday purchases within your plan and make timely payment of bills.

  • Ask yourself if the holiday purchases can be delayed (maybe used as other gifts at another time in the year to reduce holiday financial burden)

  • Create a priority system of spending to reduce impulsive buys.

  • Question the necessity of the purchase and the affordability of the expense.

  • Preplan ways to respond to external pressure to spend beyond what you can afford.

  • Don’t forget to compliment yourself for being disciplined over urges to over spend.

  • Make systematic payments towards debts as they incur.

written by Lauren Luppino, LCSW -

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