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Health Assessments 

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change." 


Click on the icons to access the assessments. Have fun! 

Holistic Happiness Quiz 

Holistic Health Counseling can help you make massive improvements in your health. In recent years, the focus on health has increased dramatically! As wonderful as this is, it's also created a lot of overwhelm and confusion. This 6 question survey can help you better understand how to take care of your health.

Anxiety Assessment

Feeling anxious is a normal part of life. But anxiety can become a problem when it starts to disrupt how well you function in your life. It's important to understand how much anxiety is affecting you so you can get the proper support. This anxiety test has been adapted from Google's clinically-validated self assessment tools. 

Stages of Change Test

Changing behavior is hard! Understanding the stages of change can help you make greater progress towards your goals. By better understanding your readiness to change from a psychological perspective, you can create a better plan and understand where to focus  your efforts. This test was adapted from the Transtheoretical, or Stages of Change, Model.

Intuitive Eating Scale

Discover how intuitive eating could improve your relationship with food. Intuitive eating is an "anti-diet" approach that focuses on listening to your body. But our diet and weight obsessed culture can deafen us the messages our bodies send. This can cause struggles with weight management and disordered eating. This survey assesses how intuitively you eat.

Inflammation Quiz

Inflammation can wreak havoc on your whole body and it's at the root of all disease. Modern lifestyles, food sensitivities, poor gut health, and stress can create chronic inflammation. If you are experiencing health issues involving several different body systems, chances are inflammation is to blame. This quiz can help you assess how inflamed you might be. 

Nutrient Deficiencies Quiz

Even with a healthy diet, it can be challenging to get everything the body needs. Soil depletion causes fruits and vegetables to be less nutrient dense and many people consume highly processed diets. Gut issues can affect nutrient absorption and dietary restrictions can create significant nutritional gaps. This can make it difficult to get all our essential nutrients. This quiz can help you identify signs and symptoms of potential nutrient deficiencies.

Gut Health Evaluation

You've probably heard that poor gut health can impact immunity, mental health, metabolism, inflammation, and risk for disease. Unfortunately, modern day habits and systemic issues in agriculture and healthcare are creating widespread gut issues. This quiz can help you identify the signs and  symptoms of poor gut health. 

Depression Assessment

Depression can be a difficult and dangerous thing. Sometimes we can  normalize things that might be warning signs and not see the severity of our situation clearly. It's important to understand your level of depression so you can get the necessary support. This depression test has been adapted from Google's clinically-validated self assessment tools. 

Toxic Load Evaluation

It's no secret that we are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. It is not possible to completely avoid toxins and it can even be harmful to focus too heavily on detox. However, there are many practical steps you can take to reduce the toxic load you carry. This quiz can help you assess your level of toxicity and provide guidance on how to reduce your toxic burden.

Quizzes and results are for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. 

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