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Delivery Rank Blog Feature

Food & Mood 2023: Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling & More

DeliveryRank chats with Holly DeLong, the founder of Food & Mood, and a dedicated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a unique background in Psychology and Research. Her personal journey with the transformative effects of food on overall well-being motivated her to become a dietitian.

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Holly DeLong quoted in Spark People

Check out Holly's suggestions for why you may be feeling worse when trying to make healthy changes.

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Holly DeLong appears on Food Sleuth Radio

Did you know that what and when we eat can affect our mood? Join Food Sleuth Radio host and registered dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Holly DeLong, MS, RDN. DeLong discusses how food affects mood, sleep, immunity and stress with specific dietary recommendations.

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Podcast: IC Wellness

Managing IC with IC Warrior Holly DeLong

Holly knows first-hand the powerful impact food has on our mind and body. Using nutrition, she was able to overcome depression and learn how to manage interstitial cystitis. She now works with clients to guide them towards the same amazing results.

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Podcast: Holistically Awakened

Taking care of your mental health holistically with Lauren Luppino, LCSW, and Holly DeLong, MS, RD‪N‬. We explore top influences on mental health, why your relationship with food is just as important as the food you eat and what a healthy diet needs to include.

In the Press: Welcome
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