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Texts To Send Someone Who's Stressed

Having scripts to check in on a struggling loved one is super helpful. Many times, we struggle with what to say or not wanting to interfere or burden them. It is important to get in touch with those in your life who are struggling because typically a connection with others is missing.

Here is a list of prompts showing you're there for a partner or friend during a stressful time.

  • "Your feelings are valid."

    • This conveys that you are not going to tell them how to feel or that they should feel differently then they do.

  • "Your concerns and worries are important to me."

    • This helps them feel loved by you.

  • "Do you want to tell me what you're going through?"

    • This allows them to share as they see fit and not feel obligated to share.

  • "You're not as alone as you feel."

    • This acknowledges that they might need connection and that you are there to connect with them when they are ready.

  • "It's okay, this is alot to deal with right now."

    • This validates their experience and normalizes what they might be going through.

  • "I'm sorry you're going through this."

    • This is a powerfully connective sentence.

  • "I'm here when you're ready."

    • Gives them the space to share when they choose.

written by Lauren Luppino, LCSW -

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