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Self Sabotage - What it is and how it shows up

Get out of your own way. You feel stuck. Nothing you’re doing is working. It may be time to do a mental self-examination. You're looking for areas where your behavior is not helping you improve. These actions, better known as self-sabatoge, impede your progress. Even enlightened folks aren't safe from self-sabatoging's sneaky ways. A person self-sabatoging is a few steps ahead of themselves. They forsee uncomfortable outcomes and intentionally /unintentionally put up roadblocks toward the goal. Manifestations of self-sabatoge look like difficulty asking for help, black and white thinking, judgement of others, negative selftalk. Self-sabatoging can also sound like "this is too good to be true" or "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop". Self-sabatoge is steeped in fear or discomfort with change. I'm upset that I'm stuck, and I continue to behave in ways that keep me there. What gives? If you're feeling lost or your efforts are leaving you short of your goals, it's time for a deep dive into your psyche. Consider the possibility of self-sabatoge at play. If you discover you are sabatoging, it can feel like a self-betrayal. Remember that acting in sabatoging ways is not always the intention. Give yourself a break. Self-criticism is another form of self destruction and will keep you stuck. Low self worth is a huge component at play behind self sabatoging acts. Repetitive negative judgements culminate in an “I don’t deserve goodness” mindset. Also, feelings of guilt from past choices deemed wrong can lead someone to feel undeserving of progress.

Written by Lauren Luppino, LCSW -

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