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New Year’s Resolutions Therapists Want You to Make

Covid fatigue is REAL and it is part of the stress response to the pandemic. What we originally heard as "the new normal" is actually now normal and a lot of us are feeling stressed as a result. We can use this warped time to focus on self-growth. Here are some self-care tips to foster a calmer mindset.

  1. Establish a daily routine- Your brain is having trouble processing everything that’s happening now, because it’s worrying about what may come next. This is how the pandemic uncertainty affects our mind and body.

  2. Breathe fresh air deeply- Nature nourishes your spirit. We are being asked to limit leaving the house and being inside all the time can cause cabin fever. Instead of immediately getting caught in spinning mind, take a few mindful breaths and sense the effect on your mind, body and emotions. Breath-work is a body practice to combat shallow breathing often associated with stress response.

  3. Limit social media and the news - I’m all for being informed. However, putting time constraints and boundaries around how often you are exposed to content that makes you feel bad is a best practice.

  4. Give yourself a break- When your body is in a stress response, your brain shuts down some functionality in your prefrontal cortex. You may not be able to juggle things as you normally would. Good is good enough.

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