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A Gentle Detoxifiction Method for Immunity and Mind/Body Wellness

Lemon ginger honey tea is a simple and delicious drink to help aid the body’s natural detox processes and support immunity.

The combination of ginger and lemon is very cleansing to the body. Adding raw honey is optional but makes it extra yummy and brings antioxidants, and a powerful collection of phytonutrients. Adding cayenne pepper helps with inflammation and can boost metabolism. All of this makes this combo a perfect nourishing, immune boosting elixir. Having it first thing in the morning helps the body to continue the natural detoxification that takes place while you sleep. It’s also great at night before bed and can be really soothing when you’re sick. It can even help with menstrual cramps!

The idea of detoxing has become very popular but as a dietitian I often see people taking extreme measures in the aim of “detox”, for short periods of time and then going back to poor habits. While attempting to reduce toxins in the body is a good idea, a short term drastic approach has a limited benefit. And for some extreme diet changes can lead to bigger problems. A better way is to #1 make choices that reduce your toxic load on a day to day basis and #2 Use gentle detoxification methods on a consistent bases. This tea is a great thing to add to your wellness routine to support regular detoxification in a delicious way. Regular detox can be a game changer for improving energy levels, mental clarity, and general mood state and doesn’t have to mean a long list of forbidden foods.

Learn more about regular detox practices and the power this has on your mind and body in our online program, Holistic Happiness, launching 1/25/21. We’ll show you how to use simple but powerful nutrition and cognitive strategies to help improve your mood. Got to www.yourfoodandmood.comfor more information.

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